Mr. Kumar, 42 years old male presented with sudden inability to swallow and chest pain. He presented to us after being not diagnosed for a month. Detailed evaluation revealed an extremely rare condition- esophageal dissection. This disease separates layers of esophagus (Food pipe) and inner most layer- mucosa is disrupted causing complete discontinuity of passage. Since the damage was extensive not correctable with drugs or endoscopy, he underwent removal of food pipe and replacement with stomach. Now he is able to eat normally with weight gain and normal day to day activities.

A 24 year old male (Name not disclosed) had chest pain for 6 months. Cardiac evaluation was normal. Endoscopy showed a small ulcer in food pipe. Sample of tissue confirmed cancer. Since, it was picked up early, he underwent thoracolaparoscopicesophagectomy and gastric pull through (chest and abdomen approached through small holes). Less pain, more cosmesis and early return to daily activities without compromising complete removal of cancer are advantages of this procedure.

Mr. Maharaja, 45 years old gentleman presented with inability to pass stools or gas with severe abdominal distention since one day. He had sigmoid volvulus (A part of large bowel gets twisted on itself causing obstruction for passage of contents). Traditionally, patients were subjected to two surgeries with stoma (Intestine is temporarily turned to tummy and stools are collected in a bag) between surgeries. He was subjected to single stage stoma free laparoscopic surgery with return to normal activity within two weeks following surgery.

A 37 years old gentle man had multiple episodes of life threatening bleeding in stools. He had got admitted in multiple hospitals since childhood and received blood transfusions. He was diagnosed here to have a rare condition- Mckel’s diverticulum and ulcer bleeding (small outpouching in small intestine with an ulcer nearby causing severe bleeding). He underwent removal of portion of intestine containing ulcer and diverticulum. He is back to normal life without any more bleeding episodes